Private Tuition for O-Level/A-Level Mathematics/Physics
Private Tuition for O-Level/A-Level/IB
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Thank you for your interest in our courses. In every student's life, there would come a time when everything else seems unimportant. However, its duration is different for each individual. With strong foundations and sufficient preparation, you will build up confidence in achieving success. We would like to help you accomplish your goals.

Our Courses

Weekly Tuition | Homework Consultation
Intensive Crash Course | Headstart JC 1 Mathematics | Holiday Refresher Course

How to Register?

Send an email to info (at) Remember to indicate your full name, school and contact number in your email. If you have a preferred timing for the first lesson, kindly include it in your email. We will send you an email to confirm.


O-Level: Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics
A-Level: H1/H2 Mathematics, H1/H2 Physics
IB: SL/HL Mathematics


Arrangements will be made to conduct the sessions at your preferred location.

All-Year Round Courses

Private Tuition

Our weekly private tuition courses are flexible and can be suited to your needs. Send us an email at info (at) for more information.

Hourly Rate

  • O-Level: From SGD 50
  • A-Level/IB: From SGD 60

Ad-Hoc Consultation

Available on a pre-arranged consultation basis, our ad-hoc consultation course allows students to seek assistance whenever necessary. Suitable for students who have a busy timetable and need help from time to time. Topical revision can be arranged to help students improve their understanding in a particlar topic and learn faster methods to solve questions. Maximum group size of 6 students.

Hourly Rate

  • O-Level: From SGD 60
  • A-Level/IB: From SGD 70

Seasonal Courses

Intensive Crash Course (JUL-SEP)

Our intensive crash course is specially crafted to ensure that our O-Level and A-Level students are prepared for their most important upcoming national examinations. This course is held from July each year. Limited vacancies!

Learn more about our intensive crash course

Headstart JC 1 Mathematics (Dec-Jan)

The JC 1 Headstart Course is a 12-hour course which prepares students for Mathematics at the junior college level.

Students will understand how the A level syllabus is linked to the concepts taught at the O levels. This course will be conducted in a detailed yet easy-to-understand manner to ensure that students are able to benefit. By building on prior knowledge, students can develop key problem-solving skills and examination techniques.

If you would like a copy of the lesson plan, simply send an email to info (at)

Holiday Refresher Course

This course is intended for current year Secondary 1 to 3, JC 1 and IB Years 1 to 5 students. A large number of students will find it useful to revise content from the current year before starting the next academic year as this can help to strengthen their foundation further. For individual or small group of not more than three students.

What Do We Focus On?

Our courses place emphasis on the following:

Answering Techniques

We believe that it is essential for our students to master the skill of answering questions. Over the years, we have developed a model to allow students to tailor their answers according to what the examiners are looking for.

Memory Methods

We understand that learning to use one's memory efficiently is an important aspect of learning. Through our enhanced memory development programme, our students are able to recall the correct information accurately and confidently under the stressful conditions of examinations.

Important Concepts

We know that it is imperative for our students to grasp key concepts well. Therefore, our courses are carefully designed to ensure that they are able to understand the concept and effectively apply their knowledge during the O-Level and A-Level examinations.

Examiners' Top Tricks

We realise that exanimation questions are becoming more challenging over the years. By revealing examiners' top tricks, our students are well-prepared for the upcoming examinations and know exactly what mistakes to avoid.