Private Tuition for O-Level/A-Level Mathematics/Physics
Private Tuition for O-Level/A-Level/IB
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Frequently Asked Questions


What subjects do you teach?

Currently, we teach O-Level Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics and Science (Physics), A-Level H1/H2 Mathematics and Physics, as well as Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL) Mathematics for students taking the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.

Do you teach other subjects other than Mathematics and Physics?

If you are interested in other subjects in addition to Mathematics or Physics, you may wish to send us your full name, school, level, subject(s), location and contact number. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How is your style of teaching different from other tuition teacher?

As each of our courses is specially designed based on the needs of each individual, they are able to benefit more. In addition, we do not make students do homework during the session in order to keep it interactive and vibrant. For students who are weaker in a particular topic, more emphasis will be placed on building a strong foundation in that area. With regards to other tuition teachers, we cannot speak for them.

In addition, each of our students will receive a special set of notes which are tailored to the changing needs of students. These notes and questions are created by ourselves and are not just taken from assessment books or guidebooks. Other tuition teachers may require the student to purchase assessment books and guidebooks.

What is the duration of each tuition session?

Each session lasts for approximately two hours. However, under some circumstances, it would be more effective for each session to last for three hours. The duration of tuition sessions can be arranged depending on the needs of each student.

Why can't I find the available timeslots on the website?

As we provide private tuition on a one-to-one or a small group basis, our timeslots are dynamic in nature. Many students may face changes in their schedule over the year due to CCA and extra lessons. In order to ensure convenience for our students, session timings are flexible and can be rescheduled at least two days in advance. Therefore, it would not be feasible for us to put up a list of available timeslots.

What are the fees like?

There are different factors affecting the rate, including level, number of subjects, session duration and location. By sending us your full name, school, level, subject(s), location and contact number, we are able to work out a quote for you, including material fees.

Is this a tuition agency? Can I register as a tutor?

We are sorry to inform you that we are not a tuition agency, just in case you thought so.

Do you provide notes for students?

Yes, we have prepared a set of notes to be given out to students who register for our courses. These notes are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that students can derive maximum benefit out of it. With our set of concise and easy-to-read notes, students are able to gradually build confidence while preparing for their examinations.


I already have a textbook. Why do I need another one?

Our notes are very much different compared to a textbook. The notes are specially crafted to ensure readability and conciseness. Imagine the difference between flipping through a 400-page textbook and a 40-page summary the day before the examinations.

So, how are your books different from other guidebooks?

Our books are written in a simple to understand manner and are reviewed several times before they are published. A number of guidebooks in the market merely rephrase content found in the textbook by putting them in point form. On the other hand, our books are written with the needs of a student in mind, with examination tips and tricks as well as problem solving strategies. Who needs another textbook anyway?

Technical Issues

What are the minimum system requirements to view this website?

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