Private Tuition for O-Level/A-Level Mathematics/Physics
Private Tuition for O-Level/A-Level/IB
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Intensive Crash Course

Our intensive crash course is specially crafted to ensure that students are prepared for their important upcoming O-Level, A-Level or IB examinations. Held from August each year, this course covers the following:

  • Revise foundational knowledge
  • Discover exam shortcuts and secrets
  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes
  • Relate content from different topics

Subjects and Details

Level O-Level A-Level IB
Subjects Mathematics
Additional Mathematics
H1 Mathematics
H2 Mathematics
H1/H2 Physics
SL/HL Mathematics
Duration 12 hours
(3 sessions of 4 hours)
16 hours
(4 sessions of 4 hours)
16 hours
(4 sessions of 4 hours)
Hourly Rate From SGD 60 From SGD 70 From SGD 70

The above rates are inclusive of course material and may vary according to location and timing.

Course details can be sent via email upon request.


This course is suitable for individuals and small groups. In order to ensure effectiveness, the group is limited to 3 students. Students should form their own groups and provide a preferred venue.